Continuously Transposed Conductor (CTC)

Continuously Transposed Conductor (CTC)

Continuously Transposed Conductor (CTC) consists of a group of enamelled rectangular strips, PVA or PVA epoxy with bonding layer type which are connected up parallel to the ends. In this group each strand successively and repeatedly takes on every possible position inside the conductor cross section.

Strands as a whole are wrapped with pure cellulose paper tapes (Diamond dotted epoxy paper, Cindus, Dennison, Kraft & Crepe Paper) for manufacturing low loses winding for electric machines.


CTC offer decisive advantages in the design of transformers, compared to the conventional paper-insulated rectangular wires:

  • Greater electric efficiency from minimized load losses.
  • Improved cooling from efficient heat dissipation.
  • Reduced winding time for increased productivity in transformers.
  • Improved mechanical strength of the windings due to composite construction.


Thickness 1.10 – 3.15 mm
Width 3.00 – 12.50 mm
Width/Thickness Ratio 3:1 – 8:1
Proof stress (0.2) 60 – 260 N/mm
Enamel increase 0.08 -0.18 mm


CTC conductor MIN-MAX

Number of wires 5 – 47 No’s
Inter column layer 0-0.5 mm
Height of CTC conductor 5.50 – 70.00 mm
Width of CTC conductor 6.00 – 26.00 mm
Transposing Pitch length 35 – 225 mm



Until 6mm width 25 mm
Over 6mm till 8 mm width 30 mm
Over 8mm till 11mm width 35 mm
Over 11mm width 45 mm
Ratio height / width 1:5 – 6:1