Polyimide Film (Kapton)

Polyimide Film (Kapton)

Polyimide Film (Kapton “) is wrapped on bare rectangular strip to desired overlap in order to attain required Insulation thickness. Kapton covered wire meets requirements of corona discharge Resistant which provide higher resistance to voltage peaks.


Width 2.8 – 18.00 mm
Thickness 0.80 – 2.8 mm
Cross Sectional Area 2.25 – 50.00 sq mm
Insulation Material Polyimide (Kapton)
Insulation Tape Width 6 – 30mm
Insulation Tape Thickness 0.01 – 0.06 mm
Insulation Application One or Two layers, hot sealed overlap
Thermal Class 240°C
IEC 60317-43 & 44 IEC 851-1-6

Kapton® (Brand Name of DuPont’s Polymide Film) Covered Wires offers a wide range of applications in the construction of motors (specially in traction motors), aerospace equipments. It provides insulation with high electrical, thermal and mechanical properties over a temperature range of -196°C to +250°C.It provides higher Break Down Voltage (more than 8 KV BDV) as well as Temperature Class (220 °C) as compare with other insulated conductors. Insulating materials in traction motors have to withstand high temperatures and frequent changes of load and temperature.

Kapton provides exceptional overload protection and long motor life, even in the most demanding applications and environments.

220oC Kapton (Polymide Film) (50%, 67% Overlapping & As per customer requirement) Width & thickness range Min. Size: 3.30 x 1.50 mm Max. Size: 12.00 x 4.20 mm