Flexible multi strand covered copper cable

Flexible multi strand covered copper cable

Bare Conductor Type :- Bare Wire, Bare Rod, Bare Cable, Flexible Stranded Cable

Paper Covered Cable :- Double Cotton Covered Cable, Paper Covered Cable, Double Paper Covered Cable (DPC), Triple Paper Covered Cable (TPC), Cotton Braided Cable, Semiconductor Paper Covered Cable, Polyester Covered Cable.

Paper Used :- Kraft, Crepe, Nomex, Semi Conductive Tape, Polyster Tape, Cotton Yarn, Thermally Upgraded Paper (Green Colour)

Bare Copper Wire : is used as a high quality electricity conductor in electronics & electrical appliances. Uncoated Copper Wire is durable & can last for years. Copper Wire is Cadmium free i.e. It is 100% pure & is also known as “Electrolyte Copper”.

Solid & Stranded : Solid wire is formed by one strand of copper metal wire, bare or surrounded by an insulator. Typically, single-strand copper conductors are used as magnet wire in motors and transformers.Compared to other wire, they are rigid, doesn’t get bended easily, and are usually installed in permanent, frequently handled, and low flex application.

A stranded wire is combination of copper wires bunched or twisted together. It is easier to install than a single-strand wire of the similar cross section. Stranding enhances the life of the wire in application with vibration.

Braided Copper Wires: The braided copper wire is used as flexible connector for electric appliance, electric stove and storage battery. It can be manufactured according to customer drawings and requirements


Diameter 0.5 mm 6 mm
Cross Section Area 1.00 sq mm 600 sq mm