Enamel Wires & Enamel Strips

Enamel Wires & Enamel Strips

Enamelled copper wire, also called “Magnet Wire,” is widely used in various Electrical Applications due to its superior Electrical, Thermal and Mechanical Properties. Enameled Copper Wire are insulated by coating it with enamel of different temperature class. Enamelled Copper Wire are primarily used in three types of applications – in
transformers to transform one kind of electrical energy into other kinds. Copper Enameled Winding Wire are used in motors to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Enamelled Copper Winding Wire is also used in generators to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Types :- DC, F-class, Corona Resistant Wire /

Specification :- IEC, IS, DIN, BS

Diameter :- 0.19 mm TO 5.00 mm /

Base Coat :- Modified Polyvinyl Acetal,Polyimide, Polyesterimide, Theic-Polyester, Polyamideimide.

Top Coat :- Polyvinyl Butyral / Polyamide, Polyamideimide, Nylon, Polyamide.

Thermal Class :- Upto 220° Class /

Insulation Range :- Grade 1, 2 and 3

  • Certified with major motors / transformers / electricity utilities customers Exports @ 40% of its production to> 20 countries
  • Technical know – how from globally Recognized consultants who have had a long association with World’s No. 1 wire producers Successfully supplied our products to major 765KV & HVDC transformer projects in India and abroad High speed wire drawing machines using German Technology Imported high speed enameling lines using latest environment friendly technology
  • Online & Offline testing with state of the art equipment to avoid manual error
  • ISO 9001 2015 certified units

Corona Resistant Wire is used in motors that may be subjected to high voltage spikes present in heavy duty inverter applications with improved voltage endurance and thermal properties.

Polyester 130°C IEC 60317
Modified Polyester 155°C IEC 60317
Polyesterimide 180°C IEC 60317
Dual Coated 200/220°C IEC 60317
Self-Solderable Corona Resistant Wire 155°C & 180°C IEC 60317