Mica Covered Copper Conductor

Mica Covered Copper Conductor: Powering Machines Safely

Have you ever been curious about what allows high-voltage rotating machines and inverter-driven motors to operate under intense heat and corona effects? The answer lies in a seemingly delicate yet robust solution – the Mica Covered Copper Conductor.

In this blog, we will explore what a Mica Covered Copper Conductor is and its properties that make it an ideal choice for high-voltage applications.

What is Mica Covered Copper Conductor?

Imagine a world where everything is covered in tiny, shimmering scales. That’s what Mica is – a mineral found in nature’s treasure chest. Mica has unique properties that make it an electrical superhero. The thin layers of mica act as microscopic shields and are fantastic insulators, which means they resist the flow of electricity.

It consists of a copper wire that is coated with mica paper. This mica paper is made up of tiny Mica platelets arranged in a paper-like structure. However, this paper is extremely fragile and requires a carrier to make it usable. Hence, polyester film (PET) is used as a carrier to make it more durable.

Why Mica?

Electricity generates heat and buzz, which can be disastrous in powerful machines. However, Mica is an exceptional material that can withstand extreme temperatures, keeping the electrical components safe and cool. Additionally, it is immune to electrical interference, preventing any unwanted noise or disturbance. That is why Mica is the preferred choice for applications concerning heat and electrical interference.

The Ideal Solution for High-Voltage Rotating Machines

Do you know what makes Mica a superhero regarding electrical insulation? Let me share some of its qualities:

Corona Resistance 

When electricity flows at high voltages, it creates a faint glow known as corona. Over time, this corona can damage insulation and cause electrical breakdowns. However, Mica has a unique layered structure that acts as a shield, deflecting and absorbing corona to keep conductors from harm.

Thermal Toughness

High-voltage machinery generates heat, but Mica can withstand scorching temperatures without melting or losing its insulating properties. This makes it perfect for use in hot-headed machines.

Electrical Insulation 

Mica is a poor conductor of electricity, which means it keeps the current flowing where it’s supposed to be – within the copper core. This prevents leaks and ensures efficient power transmission.

The Guardian: Polyester Film

The fragility of Mica paper necessitates a protector, and Polyester Film steps in as the reliable guardian. PET transforms the delicate Mica paper into a robust and practical insulating material by encapsulating it. This duo, the Mica paper, and Polyester Film form the backbone of Mica Covered Copper Conductors.

Rational Engineer’s Pride – The Mica-Covered Copper Conductor

Imagine it as a superhero in the world of electrical engineering, designed with precision and purpose. Rational Engineer’s product stands out for its meticulous combination of Mica paper and Polyester Film. 

The Mica paper, delicately crafted into a paper-like form from tiny platelets of Mica, serves as the robust insulator. Polyester Film is the reliable sidekick to protect this fragile yet mighty insulator. Together, they form a dynamic duo that shields copper conductors from the harsh elements of heat and corona discharge. 

What sets Rational Engineer’s product apart is not just its technical prowess but also its adaptability. With sizes ranging from a minimum of 3.00 x 1.10 mm to a maximum of 15.00 x 5.00 mm, it caters to diverse machinery needs. 

So, if you’re in the market for a conductor that seamlessly blends strength and sophistication, Rational Engineer’s Mica Covered Copper Conductor is the hero you’ve been searching for.

The Future of Mica Covered Copper Conductor

As the world approaches renewable energy sources, Mica Covered Copper Conductors will play an even more significant role. Wind turbines, solar inverters, and other renewable energy systems rely on these reliable conductors to carry the clean power they generate.

So, the next time you see a high-voltage machine humming away, remember the unsung hero within – the Mica Covered Copper Conductor. It’s a testament to the power of nature and human ingenuity, working together to keep the world powered up.

Tailoring to Perfection

Mica covered copper conductors are available in different sizes, ranging from 3.00 x 1.10 mm to 15.00 x 5.00 mm, with a temperature class of 200°C. PET as a carrier ensures that the Mica Covered Copper Conductors are flexible and easy to handle while maintaining their insulation properties.


In summary, Mica Covered Copper Conductor is a prime example of the combination of delicate craftsmanship and robust engineering. Its use in inverter-driven motors and ability to handle high voltage makes it a crucial component in the electrical industry. So, the next time you witness the seamless operation of high-voltage rotating machines or inverter-driven motors, remember that Mica Covered Copper Conductor is working behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth flow of electricity through a delicate dance of technology and innovation.

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